How To Thrive Through The Holidays!

 The holiday season is here & it’s in full swing!

Where did that statement land in your body and what did it feel like? You either felt a happy rush realizing that you are ready to roll with the holidays! Or, you felt a tight squeeze anywhere in your chest/gut area indicating that maybe you didn’t work the holidays into your life just yet! Either way, our bodies simply do not have the capacity to lie. It is our first response of truth. A few tweaks in perspective can ensure that you will not only survive the holidays, but that you can thrive through them!
Everything about this season affects us in mind, body and spirit. Our five senses are bombarded by all of the glorious tastes, sights, sounds, gift giving & receiving, busy-ness, choices and, did I mention all those amazing aromas? But, it’s our all important sixth sense…our inner knowing, that is designed to navigate & lead if we allow it.

But, intuition can be dimmed, or even shut off when we’re swimming in overwhelm & default to our minds to make on- the- spot decisions.

When we allow our spirit – our soul essence where intuition resides- to be the leader, our mind, body, spirit team is in alignment..and alignment = harmony. When we are in harmony, we are equipped to step up to the physical and energetic demands of carrying out our best intentions. But, without the right guardian, we will often feel behind the 8 ball just trying to survive it all.

What could you bring to the table to make sure you are able to enjoy all of the love and beauty this season offers?
What experiences do you want for yourself and your family? {what traditions are a ‘must’?}  How do you want to feel during the holiday season? {joyful, in control with clean, even energy?} And, what decisions can you make now to support this?

After all, it is hard to enjoy much of anything when our actions don’t support our intentions.

Switch the perspective from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ and from ‘should’ to ‘could’. You can’t really know what you want until you know how you want to feel & experience your holiday season. Give yourself a break from being afraid of disappointing or offending others. If you’re confronted with an irritated clerk or someone in heavy traffic…take nothing personally. Others are experiencing in their own energy, not yours. You can take a few deep breaths in while sending love & peace out. Why would you do that you wonder? Because you can. Because you do not randomly hand your power over, and because it works – in your favor. Kindness & negativity cannot exist simultaneously.  By diffusing negativity on the spot, you will less likely carry it home with you.

Tips for Thriving Through the Holidays – First, Set Your Table! {Set Your Intentions!}

  • Bring your Body to the Table – This perfectly designed vehicle rules the show! Our bodies thrive on consistency & sink fast on inconsistency. Nourish yours with the same integrity you would your five year old child – with high quality fuel; don’t head out hungry to socialize. Focus on people and less so on scheduling your main meals around them. Pick and choose. Share a desert or cut one in half & salt the other half so you won’t be tempted. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and have a glass of water between each drink. The level of love & commitment you give your body equals the level of quality you can expect from her in return.
  • Bring your Calendar to the Table. Allow your heart to choose. Accept invitations you truly feel pulled towards. Schedule downtime – so you don’t feel obligated or put on the spot to accept last minute invites. Saying ‘Thank you, but I have plans’ is not a lie. Honoring a planned night in IS a plan – Remember, rest & play supports your overall goal to have a joyful season! Shop at non-peak hours and online when you can. {don’t forget to google discount codes!} Create a ritual to wind down {not food or drink related!} My favorite ritual is a long soak in a hot bath with an added cup of Pink Himalayan sea salt. This affects our energy field on the ionic level. Salt is why we are drawn to oceans…it is truly therapeutic and is proven to reduce overwhelm.
  • Bring You to the Table. You have come a long way to become fabulous you! The holidays tend to bring up lots of stuff, feelings, memories and traditions. You may find yourself falling into an old role. Let’s face it, we all feel 14 from time to time! But, by becoming aware you will have the opportunity to change it. Just don’t hide who you are or dim what you know. Bring your light, wisdom & laughter, and keep expectations real. You will empower others to do the same!
  • Bring Your Heart to the Table. With consumerism at its peak, nothing can zap the true meaning of the season quite as effectively as the retail industry. A few ways to make sure you are keeping your reason in your season…give gifts within your  means that offer an experience and/or your time such as concert tickets or a special day out with the receiver. Buy local. Support your community, craftsmen and small businesses. {Maybe save the hottest gadget for other occasions}. Grab your favorite little person and volunteer at an animal shelter, retirement home or bring baked goods to neighbors who don’t get out so much. Giving from the heart that involves your time & hands, along with someone special to you from the next generation is a great way to pass it on. If  you tend to sort of resent holiday consumer-antics, choose gifts & activities that support your belief system. 
  • Bring Your Why to the Table. Remember why this matters. Your Why is the only motivation you need. More on this topic over here -> blog

 Above All Else – Bring Your Joy, Gratitude & maybe a favorite healthy dish to the Table & You will be sure to Feast!

I send you peace & joy for a beautiful holiday season laced with love, health & harmony.

With love,


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