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Walk Me Home is an animal transition service when your beloved animal companion is preparing to transition to the other side. Maybe you’re grieving, wondering if it’s really time, if they’re really ready, and how do they want to go. On their own or with your ‘help’? I compassionately connect with your animal and convey mutual wishes, needs, and final-for-now expressions of love.

This might be one of the most loving and compassionate gifts you will give your beloved animal companion and yourself.

“We are all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

Animals and humans have been rescuing, finding, loving, and aligning through all stages and seasons of life through challenging and good times because souls are designed to be connected to one another. We are here to form deep bonds with animals to love, serve, emotionally and spiritually grow with, and respect and honor. When our soul contract is complete, we ultimately release them to spirit. We cannot control divine timing, but we most certainly can choose how we embrace our animal companion’s greatest time of need: their transition from physical to spirit.

Allowing a beloved animal companion to transition with dignity and grace is the most poignant act of unconditional love and devotion we can ever give them.

I have specifically been led to offer this compassionate, intuitive animal soul transition and hospice service to assist you and your animal in their final-for-now days until you can be reunited on the other side. I intuitively discern and convey mutual feelings and wishes to ease the decision-making process so you can lovingly usher your beloved companion ‘home’ with love and grace.


Quotation Marks

I am convinced, lady, you have wings. 

Susan, I can’t possibly thank you enough for being the lifeline between me and Piper, my sweet 16-year-old golden retriever, during her passing. Your gift of tuning into soul-level information allowed me to participate in her final wishes and in saying goodbye (as you say it’s ‘see you later’), instead of remaining numb with heartbreak. I am heartbroken, but your gift of being the bridge that carries energy between me and Piper empowered me so I could be present for her when it counted.  I am convinced, lady, you have wings. 

Mary N.

Portland, ME

How it works

I will lovingly tune into your animal’s soul essence during this difficult process to receive their feelings, requests, desires, their ‘final-for-now’ love, and help you to discern if the day of transition will be lovingly assisted or naturally fated. Animals do have a preference. There is no right or wrong way under aligned circumstances; it’s the untranslated – what we do not know – that we question most.

It is not a choice anyone arrives at lightly, and having a peek inside your animal companion’s heart helps you make mutual decisions that serve them, you, and the bigger picture.

I do not impose my will or answer, ‘What would you do?’

My role is to bridge and translate information so it allows you to make the highest integrity decisions with your animal companion to discern if it’s time, how, when, and where. Translating the love between you in the space where only love and light reside so grace and confidence can lead.

Guilt is a misuse of energy that cripples the present. Animals do not embody the lower vibrations such as guilt or being able to hold a grudge as both are energetically punitive.

When our animal companions reach their near end-of-life time, questions such as “How will they go..assisted or on their own? When? Are they really dying? In pain? What if I can’t let them go? Will she forgive me…? I feel so guilty” naturally arise, but they keep us in an energy of doubt; ‘What if I’m wrong?’

We will transcend this lower level vibration to the frequency of light, love, and clarity and receive your pet’s soul-centered desires. It will take you out of your head and place you into your heart space, allowing you to join your animal companion where they reside, illuminating what really matters. This allows you to protect your peace as you share and exchange soul-level information with your beloved animal companion.

NOTE: This offer is uniquely suited for those who know their animal companion is in active transition and who want a channel of communication available to them (Susan) during this emotional, yet sacred time. Please contact me with questions and for more information.

Disclaimer: Susan is not a medical diagnostic intuitive for people or animals and is not an appropriate intuitive to hire to diagnose or treat illness.

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