The Peaceful Plate Session

Peaceful Plate Sessions with Susan Mullen

You feel the pull to see if a plant-forward, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle is for you, but it is overwhelming and you have no idea where or how to start. You may not even know your 'why'. But you feel the pull. This session is uplifting, soul-sighted, and conscious, and creates a swift and lasting change.

How it works

My purpose in communicating with animals expanded into new directions when I communicated with a cow and a pig on factory farms. As a channel and voice for oppressed animals, I understand what the current counter-intuitive approach to feeding people is doing to human beings, animals, and the planet. But without the images or shock value.

You may have landed on this page because you love animals (or at least respect them). You have a deep curiosity to see if a plant-forward, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle is for you, but can't imagine how. Maybe it's strictly for health reasons, ethical reasons, or a mix of both. All you know is that it feels like a learning curve and, frankly, you’re afraid if you dig too much, you’ll discover ugly truths about modern animal agriculture that may break your heart.

This is where I come in. I once had all of these concerns. I have done the work to find the truth so you don’t have to. I have seen images of animals in our current food model so you don’t have to. I communicate with animals, both domestic and those bred as commodities, so you can receive their feelings and wisdom in a way that doesn't shock.

In this session, I listen to you as I help you intuitively discern your ‘why’ and reflect it back to you. We converse through my process that will reveal what was always within you that will allow you to keep animals off your plate with ease while enjoying delicious nutrient-dense living foods (yes, with plenty of protein, vitamins, nutrients, and variety!).
I hold your heart through a graceful learning curve of defining and then matching your beautiful HEART and VALUES to a LIFESTYLE you can thrive in with PEACE and JOY.

You no longer have to participate in something you deeply do not believe in.

This heart-centered session allows you to walk away with conviction and clarity around your values with clear pathways to assuming a fully expressed compassionate lifestyle that matches your compassionate soul.

You will learn about Carnism, the differences between being plant-based and being vegan such as easing out of wearing animals, and how to live, eat, shop, enjoy eating out and socializing, and even prepare food for those who eat animals.

Dr. Melanie Joy, PhD coined the word carnism as the invisible belief system that allows people to love some animals and eat and wear others.

Carnism is the psychological response to being socially indoctrinated into indirectly participating in harm to animals we otherwise would never logically agree to from birth.

Most of us were born into carnism. Getting out of a violent system and experiencing the 'peace' effects that follow is a freedom unlike any other.

There is no judgment or shame for self or others in this session. No harsh images of animals anywhere, ever. It is uplifting, informative, peace-based.

RECEIVE In addition to the intuitive process of defining your unique path and plan to plant-based living, you will receive a Plant-Based Lifestyle PDF of facts, plant-based recipes, a week's menu suggestions, whole foods, pantry staples, swaps, and supplement suggestions. This is a high-vibe and empowering session. Get excited, you may never be the same again.

Bonus: Three follow-up email concerns/questions over the next three weeks so that I can help you assimilate your compassionate lifestyle.

For more information to help you today, head over to my 'Free Gifts' page HERE and grab my "3 Myths of Eating Meat and 1 Easy Way to Get in More Plants".

Quotation Marks

The PDFs alone are priceless

Thank you, Susan, for sharing all of your expertise and intuitive insights about transitioning to a plant-based diet. I have felt the nudge for years to remove the few remaining animal products, but it was an uphill battle. Your step-by-step process and intuitive connection to my ‘why’ were game-changers. The PDFs alone are priceless, but working with you and leaving with my solid why and plan brought it all together. I’m not sure I would have done this with such confidence on my own.

Sherry G.

Southern Maine

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