Intuitive Sessions for People

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1:1 Sessions

Intuitive Sessions are ideal for those seeking guidance + clarity, and who feel at a crossroads, stuck, struggling with discerning and trusting their own intuition, or need higher perspectives in understanding past or current circumstances.

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E-mail Readings

E-mail Readings are a popular service and ideal for those seeking clarity around ONE area of concern and would like an intuitive laser peek at any current blocks and your next best steps.

How it works

During intuitive sessions, whether 1:1 or via email, I anchor into your energy field via your inquiry, the area you seek clarity. I will listen, receive, and share whatever your guides and Spirit share with me that is yours to hear at this time and translate to you your innate light and next best steps. We all have valuable, unique gifts + talents that we came to assume and share with the world, but sometimes our free will and that of others can dim our light or send us on a spiritual ‘detour’ and we feel stuck or off-path. We will look at everything that comes up for examination and I will guide you to the path that supports you and your soul's journey.

Quotation Marks

I was feeling unmotivated and uninspired

I am so excited about my journey ahead! I have truly been in a rut lately and meeting with you today gave me so much hope for my future. Before I met with you, I was feeling unmotivated and uninspired. You gave me a real direction. I cannot thank you enough.

Karleigh Gaudreau


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Inuitive Sessions for People
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