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During an Animal Communication Session, I connect to your animal on the soul level. I create a container to see parts of your soul contract for understanding significant events and to convey your mutual messages, feelings, and love. Whether they are still here with you or on the other side, maybe there's something heartfelt to tell them, some areas of concern where you’d like to receive understanding from them or just want to experience sharing love and wisdom back and forth with them.

How it works

Animal communication sessions are done remotely. My spirit animal, Buck, (pictured) leads me to the soul essence of your animal companion. This allows for a gentle hello to your animal companion. Learn about Buck here.

It is not necessary for me to meet with your animal in person to connect with them and exchange information. That is best suited for a trainer or animal behaviorist. This allows for clear telepathic connections as there are no physical or emotional energies to move through.

The information I receive will highlight the soul contract between you and your animal companion as well as convey and answer your questions.

If your companion has transitioned, I'll use my own animal card deck: “Soul Messages from your Animal Companion on the Other Side. A 47-Card Deck and Guidebook and expand upon it into areas you would like to explore. These sessions look at your soul contract and reveal meaning and heal the questions you may have about during your time together or around their passing.

Lauren Jawno

My pup has the best balance in his life

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how you have been able to connect and communicate with Toffy so that I can make sure he has the safest, happiest life. He has been able to guide me via you as to what he needs, where he feels uncertain, what makes him happy and safe, and what he needs most from me. I have taken all you have shared with me and worked hard to implement it and I feel that my pup has the best balance in his life from daycare to nutrition, training and so many other areas!

We are so grateful to you for helping us create the happiest, most meaningful life together!

Love from us both,
Lauren and Toffy,

Lauren Jawno

Certified Therapy Dog, AZ

Choose the option that best meets your and your animal companion's needs:

I provide several options because each family is different depending on what your Animal Companion needs right now.

Live Virtual Session

This session is conducted live on Zoom. We'll use AUDIO only.  I will connect with your animal companion in real time.

Email Reading

Equally effective and great when you want the entire session delivered in writing. I'll connect with your animal companion and email you the session points.

Animal Healing

This session is when you want to provide emotional or spiritual healing and support to your animal companion. My proprietary healing modality is similar to animal reiki. This session is not live. You will still schedule it and I will spend the time with your animal companion in an energetic healing container. Here, specific healers such as angels and other lightworkers on the other side come in to assist to offer celestial healing. Animals will feel more at ease, uplifted emotionally, maybe eat or sleep better for the first time in a while, and have a little more pep and a little less pain. It is different for each animal. You will receive an email detailing the entire healing session.

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Animal Communication
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I’d recommend you to anyone.

Susan, You are a TRUE connection to the animal kingdom. You helped me so much with your connections with my dogs. I’m connected to them, but I didn’t trust all I was getting. Your connections confirmed what I was getting. You’re truly gifted. I’d recommend you to anyone. God bless you, Susan. Thank you.

Nancy L.


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