Why We Really Killed Harambe, The Beloved Gorilla

Oh, Harambe, you were a beloved gorilla.

Oh, humans, we’ve still got it all wrong.

Much of my intuitive work involves tuning into the natural rhythms of the energetic fields of people, animals, nature and the spirit realms; sensing, feeling and discerning truth and the root of disharmony.

Before I share my intuitive catch surrounding the death of a beloved gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, let me first be real clear about my feelings: There was no other choice in this disastrous situation. The boy’s life came first. Period.

What happened to Harambe and the boy is not the gorilla’s fault. It’s not the boy’s fault. It’s not the parents of the boys’ fault. And it’s not the zoo’s fault.

In fact, it’s not even a fault – It was a natural outcome set up by man.

We’re just sharing the earth wrong. We’re creating unnatural containers and dangerous situations. We all know: We can take the beast out of the wild, but we will never take the wild out of the beast. So, why on earth are we creating these $ituations? Oh, yeah. Money. Our biggest motivator. Hmmm.

It is not a surprise to me that another beloved, wild, sentient being took a bullet to force us to re-examine the root of what’s wrong. We will continue to find ourselves in these circumstances until we choose to right how man chooses to lead and govern all sentient beings.

The one common denominator is the partnership we choose to have with all animals that is the root of this particular disharmony.

Combining man and wild animals for sport, observation, contact, and even preservation, is proving to be a huge miscarriage of power.

I want Harambe to know, although he is already aware:

“They killed you because they created an environment that disrespected your divine right to be you in the world while disregarding the ultimate safety of our own species.

They unnaturally created a shared space that combined us in unnatural environments, which, in itself, created the need to kill YOU should either become face to face. You were never set up to win.

So, sweet, Harambe, thank you for sacrificing your life to make sure this conversation continues until we raise our consciousness that will ultimately serve all sentient beings”.

It’s very clear: We’re just waking up. And sometimes it’s a process that creates situations such as this, that makes us check in with what sits right in our souls. It’s a purging of sorts…a chance to release old belief systems that we didn’t choose.  It’s okay as long as we consciously examine how each of us, individually chooses to partner with animals; via who we eat {factory farmed animals or those raised humanely?}, who gets our money – zoos? circuses? or, neither depending what sits right in our soul? Maybe it’s other natural habitats designed for the preservation of wild animals that does not place man as a spectator. Maybe we can support their lives from afar.

It’s also clear that we are doing well becoming a more conscious, evolved species, because we feel a natural range of emotions over these horrific situations where an animal or human is killed by being unnaturally face to face. We’re starting to get angry at the ‘unnatural’ part…and that alone is truly awesome. But we can’t rush where everyone else is on their path. Let’s just focus where we are.

We can’t heal anything we do not first feel. We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.

We can’t stop or control how we evolve, so let’s not try by defending a long held, broken system…and let’s not try to stop others who choose a more conscious path.

We’re entering one of the most intuitive eras ever. The veil is extremely thin between worlds and realms, and it’s a big part of how we process; why we’re all so damn passionate {…about anything, not just this}, quick to point fingers and judge one another… for wanting, feeling, doing and being something…different.

And because of this, the best laid belief systems man has ever created is going through a big time wake + shake up. And I love it…the ‘why’, not so much the hows…

Jane Goodall says it best…my favorite is her last line:

So….how do You feel…? What are we getting right or wrong?

I welcome you to share this post if you feel led, and to leave your thoughts in a comment.

In peace,


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