Discover Your ‘Why?’

How many times have you asked yourself ‘How do I find the motivation to’…lose weight…stop smoking…eat better….quit the job  …end the relationship…clean out the closet….take the leap towards the dream…to forgive yourself or someone else…? We haven’t found it because we’ve been asking the wrong question. The true, lasting, pants-on-fire motivation to do anything lies […]

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Certified Intuitive Coach (c) : Weight Release Energetix (c) : In Vizion (c) : January 2014 Select Circle Enrollment

Hello faithful Readers and Followers! I know you are here…I see how you stop by each month to see what’s new on the blog, and I so appreciate your loyalty. I’m away working on special projects this month off and on… but in January – everything changes. So excited to offer something new! But, first, I

Certified Intuitive Coach (c) : Weight Release Energetix (c) : In Vizion (c) : January 2014 Select Circle Enrollment Read More »

What Is My Purpose?

How do you even begin to recognize your purpose, you wonder? I studied for a year and a half in both a volunteer position and as a student under the direction of Colette Baron-Reid at her Master Intuitive Coaching Institute while earning my intuitive coach certification. To me our purpose is in fact, our light. It is never

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The power of YES

Saying ‘Yes’ can sometimes get a bad rap in traditional coaching, but it’s one of the best vehicles for movement because it allows an energy exchange without blocking. I like to look for things to say Yes to rather than No because saying no is easy enough to become habit forming, and we lose the

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Follow Your Heart

A few years ago, a powerful poem by Linda Ellis stopped me in my tracks. In part…. “For it matters not, how much we own,the cars…the house…the cash.What matters is how we live and loveand how we spend our dash”. (click the link to see the entire poem) So what is our ‘dash’ you may ask?

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Trust Your Gut

….it’s never wrong. When I was a teen and into my twenties, I often ignored my intuition and empathetic nature. But, back then, I had no idea what was hitting me, I just knew what I knew. I knew my gut was always right. It is that sweet spot inside that never wavers regardless of

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Welcome to a Spark of Light! Here, we’ll connect with positive, inspiring and motivational thought within the mind, body and spirit trio, and whatever else falls together! You may be wondering, why ‘Spark of Light’? Merriam-Webster defines a Spark as: A hot glowing particle struck from a larger mass; especially one heated by friction. I love that.

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