Author name: Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen is is an animal communicator, intuitive, and certified intuitive coach with the former MICI by founder Colette Baron-Reid. She is also the creator of the first animal card deck specifically created for connecting with one's animal companion on the other side titled "Soul Messages from your Animal Companion. A 47-Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook" available on this website and other online retailers.

Meet Buck, my animal guide

I was looking out the picture window in our family room when a majestic 7-point buck sauntered out of the woods. Several years ago when I was focusing on and fine-tuning my animal communication, I met a wise soul who is still with me today. It was time for a break from my animal communication […]

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4 Messages Your Companion Animal Has for You and One Thing to Never Do

As an intuitive and animal soul communicator, I feel what humans and animals really feel and are currently experiencing all within mutual parameters of ethical practices. Animal soul communication is similar (to me) to intuitive sessions with people. Both require an agreement to exchange energy, and a higher vibration to gain entrance to the energetic

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Thriving the Holidays: 3 Ways to Embrace “What Is” While Grieving “What Was.”

The holidays, traditions, and long tables filled with faces we love (and maybe a few we tolerate) are an integral part of sharing our lives. We bond through laughter, sharing sacred devotions, and eating specific foods that tie into memories. We love hard, cry, and even banter. It is the ritualistic aspects that make traditions

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Through The Thicket

A friend posted a video on Facebook (at the bottom). It’s comedian Jim Jeffries’ take on the social dis-ease we’re all experiencing now in one way or another. Mass slaughters affect all of us. After a string of days-turned into weeks of shock, sadness, anger, getting on with life, yet again, I appreciated how Jim

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Cecil the Lion

I’ve always held my heart and the door open for animals, from the smallest critter to the very wild and free. At a very young age, I developed a fascination with how those in the wild exist. As a young girl, I remember watching Wild Kingdom for hours upon hours with my father. Watching the

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New Year * New Me

Happy, Beautiful New Year, Friends… First, I am so grateful for you. I love the concept new beginnings and intentions…there’s just something about the flipping over of a new calendar that brings a sigh of relief mixed with optimism. We humans thrive on new-ness, don’t we? New anything… new jobs, new friends, new experiences,  new

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