Introducing: Soul Messages from Your Animal Companion on the Other Side. A 47-Card Deck and Guidebook.

A must for anyone who has ever loved and released an animal companion.

This is the first Animal Oracle Deck created explicitly to connect you to your beloved animal companion after they transition.

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A Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Animal Companion on the Other Side. 

This gentle meditation can be used anytime you'd like to connect with your animal companion in spirit and when using the card deck. I hope it brings you to a deeper level of connection and understanding with your beautiful animal companion on the other side.

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About the Deck

Only the most consistent messages and deeper meanings that speak to our soul contracts and the mutual love we have with animals made it into this deck such as what they feel about death and the dying process, how they feel about the decisions we made on their behalf, addressing any guilt or regrets we may have, to the signs they show us when they still visit...

When a companion animal transitions from the physical plane back to the spiritual realm, the grief we experience can be overwhelming. Since we are our animal’s guardians, we can wonder whether we did right by them or if they wish we had done something different. This card deck is intended to lay any questions, fears, and doubts to rest, replacing them with peace and understanding.

Animals want their humans to understand that they are okay, thriving and that they understand everything had to happen exactly the way it did.

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