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Intuitive Alchemist, Animal Communicator, Author, and Certified Intuitive Coach ™ through the former MICI by founder, Colette Baron-Reid.

Susan Mullen

Hello, Beautiful Soul ~

Welcome to my magical corner of the web!

Whether you were referred to my website or stumbled upon it, it is a privilege to have you here. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work and services.

What is an Intuitive Alchemist?

Kendall Summerhawk sums it up beautifully:

“The alchemist is the visionary, catalyst, innovator, charismatic leader, mediator, shaman, healer, or medicine woman. They inspire people to commit to a higher version of what they can be or do. Their service promises transformation and often has the allure of an instant change. They love synchronicity, are unconventional, and hopeful, and value the link between magic and practical outcomes.”

For as long as I can remember, I have been a highly intuitive empath and HSP (highly sensitive person). Although when I was very young, I didn't know it. The energetic essence of people and animals hits me like a brick wall. I sense the truth and motive in situations and people whether or not it matches what is being presented. Consequently, my younger years were eventful and often emotionally charged. And so, I shut it all down.

After college and settling down to raise two daughters with my husband, my intuitive channels started opening back up. I was in a thriving photography career, yet I was being magnetically pulled to immerse myself in intuitive and psychic development and animal communication. And so entered the synchronicities that led me to the people, teachers, and mentors who were showing up to guide me. My ‘clairs’ woke up from a deep sleep. I began discerning my intuition and connecting with my spirit guides, angels, and others on my spiritual team. I started making soul-aligned choices as I quieted down the outer noise. Often it takes something falling away so something else can fall together.

My areas of service are animal communication with animals both here and who have transitioned, animal transition & hospice services, plant-based mentoring, and 1:1 intuitive sessions to help you see the bigger picture that surrounds your current circumstances so you can move forward with trust and ease led by your intuition and inner guidance.

About my wide-open reach:

My clairsentience, (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing via images or words in my mind’s eye), clairaudience (hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing without evidence), and clairalience (smelling) are rooted in my interpretations in all sessions with people and animals. Inherited from my father, who was both a psychic and a medium, my wide-open field enhances and serves intuitive soul sessions with people and animals.

I have always made soul-level connections with animals and the strays I would comfort as a child. I eventually learned that soul-to-soul animal communication is a form of telepathy. “Tele” as in over the waves and “pathy” as in empathy.

Animals are naturally telepathic with one another and depend on it for survival. Humans are also telepathic and can strengthen their capacities to help them understand and communicate with their companion animals.

How I serve:

Animal Soul Transition & Hospice Conduit

"We're all just walking each other home". Ram Dass

I serve as a compassionate conduit to create a sacred container to help you walk the difficult, yet high and loving path of ushering your beloved animal companion to spirit with access and awareness that conveys both your desires, wishes, and messages to one another through me. My animal card deck was created specifically to help people with the loss of their beloved animal companions. It offers peace and a deeper understanding of the sacred relationships we have with our animals. Learn more here >>

Plant-Based Mentor:

I lovingly guide those who feel the pull to move towards a plant-based or plant-forward diet and or a vegan lifestyle but who feel overwhelmed. You have no idea how to begin. You want to change for your health and/or for animals, but it feels like too much of a learning curve. You wonder what people will think, how to shop for a partner, spouse, or family who is not interested, and how will you ever eat out again. I've got you.

It is part of my life’s work to share the voice of animals, all of them, not just the pet sector. There is a phenomenon that I call the 'peace' effect when one chooses to fuel their bodies with a predominantly whole food plant-based (with minimally processed plant-based foods). It occurs when we crowd out the dead foods (animal parts) and add more living foods (plants) onto our plates: Peace follows in our mind, body, spirit, and every other area of our lives. Learn more here >>

1:1 Intuitive Sessions:

I meet you exactly where you are and take an intuitive peek to sense & integrate your beautiful soul to see the bigger picture around your current circumstances and greater purpose. I look at the moving parts and pieces in your life and share how the path to grace and ease appears from a clear perspective. I guide you to new, higher perspectives by extracting the light and meaning from the challenging experiences that ultimately serve your soul’s ever-evolving journey. Learn more here >>

When I am not connecting with beautiful animal & human souls, I enjoy the tranquility of living on a peaceful lake with my husband and animals in Southern Maine.

In grace and gratitude,

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