Cecil the Lion

I’ve always held my heart and the door open for animals, from the smallest critter to the very wild and free. At a very young age, I developed a fascination with how those in the wild exist. As a young girl, I remember watching Wild Kingdom for hours upon hours with my father. Watching the dog eat dog hunts would sometimes make me cry, but I realize now how beneficial those hours were as I gained an understanding of a bigger picture of the circle of life as well as a true respect for it.

I was always able to discern what an animal (or any sentient being) is generally experiencing, but I hadn’t developed some of the skills that open the field further. We all have an inner guidance system. Some are just more wide open than others. The reason some of the most renowned spirit communicators in the world are now teaching is because we are coming into the age of light. We are thirsty for that which we have no idea we are even missing. We are seeking to reconnect with ourselves, others and the world in deeper ways.  Over the last year, in order to develop myself, I’ve taken intensives with incredibly gifted teachers in animal communication as well as human spirit communication. And, although I am comfortable with my intuitive reach right where it is…this work changed everything.

We are all each other’s divinely placed earth mates…traveling alongside one another, and just like humans, each animal has his or her own soul, journey and purpose. The animal kingdom also has an innate wisdom specifically to help mankind evolve…just like we do….and they expect and deserve the same in return. We are failing them in many ways.

I have been able to tap into my pets, other’s pets, lost pets…as well as animals in the wild and two animals on death row at factory farms.

And, then there was Cecil.

It kicked me in the soul as the world learned of the heinous act that strategically destroyed such a benevolent being. I was shattered and disgusted upon learning the capacity of destruction one man has inside him as he lured a magnificent beast out of his protective environment specifically to kill him in a barbaric misuse and miscarriage of his own ego.

I went into mourning for Cecil and for the entire state of our world.

I wasn’t going to attempt to try connecting with Cecil at first. As I receive, I take on an animals entire energetic composition…their happiness, lightness, heaviness and their despair. They are funny, loving, happy, sad, healthy or unhealthy…just like we are. I thought his energy would be as harsh and depleting on me as were the two animals on the factory farm. I knew at that moment I had to let go of my own comfort.

Because, to be honest, I knew he had important things to say just as the two on the factory farm…

So, on July 29th I connected with Cecil. I found him sitting in the shade under a tree, resting…facing away. I felt I was in the presence of one of the most glorious, dignified and contented souls I will most likely ever encounter. I immediately felt his entire being wash over me…strong, silent and oh so wise. I was astounded to realize suddenly I was the one with all the questions, and he was the wise one comforting me.

And, then he turned  to me and spoke. The following words are his with images/feelings imprinted upon me in parenthesis.

“Something had to be done (with the state of the world). It is okay. I chose this (his life and his death). I lived a good life. Please tell the world to allow my life and death to be remembered as love (not to remain sad he died horrifically).I am not sad. Man is. You are. The man who did this is. The earth is. But, I am not. So, don’t you be (as a collective) either. Be wiser.It doesn’t matter if it was me or another who died. I am not special, man made me special (by collaring him). If I was unknown, my death wouldn’t be news. But, all deaths in this way deserve to be known so man can change. Man must change because he leads us all. You are doing great work. Do not stop. The world needed this more than I needed to live. I am stronger here and can heal in greater ways in spirit than in physical form.

I am where I belong. I’m okay. All is good. Even when it is hard, it is still good. The world must use this for good”. Cecil the Lion

He also told me two other pieces connected to the hunt and investigation. The entire time I was connected to Cecil, he commanded respect just in his being…by the integrity of the energy of his presence. I saw a healthy, strong, humble Lion at peace. He is not bitter. He just returned home from the fight. He felt tired to me as if I interrupted a meditation of some sort. He sits in full soul awareness and divine knowledge. I wanted to sit by his side for hours just to take in his healing energy. I am sharing his words for only two reasons: Because I feel he wants them to be shared and so that anyone who reads this may walk away with a greater understanding and find purpose in darkness.

Hating the man who committed the act is not the answer. Hating and shaming never is. He has his own inner work to do, let him and let karma work this out.

All sentient beings deserve to live in the integrity in which they were created. We must return to a respectful state between man, the animal kingdom and earth and govern all with respect to each being’s divine purpose. 

I hope Cecil’s life and death sparks awareness in the disconnect and disrespect man has created with all animals across the board…in all the ways we govern them. I have hope we can. Change starts with awareness and not blindly accepting that which insults our souls.

We must reclaim respect for all that which we govern, each other, animals and the earth…or future generations will be left to exist with the consequences.

There is no right or wrong way to experience any death or to grieve. Whether it’s Cecil’s death or the death of a starving child as some are deflecting to on social media. Comparing any two deaths is comparing apples to oranges. Neither death takes away from the other. Rather, look to see what is the common thread between them. Both are a reflection of an area Man must re-choose. We feed animals in factory farms enough food that no child in the world would starve. Yet, we choose to manufacture and feed animals in order to eat animals…while our own species starves in other parts of the world. So, when I see a starving child, I reflect back to my own species which governs all and notice how we are so mis-aligned in our priorities. I am horrified human beings are starving in today’s world in a way that does not compare to Cecil’s death. But, I cannot consciously hop onto the ‘how you can feel bad about a lion’s death when people are starving? agenda. Just like I never guilted my children to clean their plates because children are starving in other parts of the world. Apples / Oranges.

Grieve any damn way you want.

To see how Cecil’s death affects you and to see where it sits in your soul:

  • Notice where the news of Cecil’s death landed in your body.
  • Notice any responses- physical, emotional and spiritual – Put them into separate boxes.
  • Look at the spiritual response and ask your higher self what is being triggered in you to understand…to heal…or to release….?
  • Honor the answer without judgement of yourself or others.
  • Proceed with compassion with yourself and in any response…and allow others to process exactly where they are without hate or judgement.

We are all part of a divine tapestry that we didn’t even create…we were placed in a world that was set up for us to thrive. We chose differently. We picked teams within our own species, we go to war against our own species, we kill and use all species for reasons other than food, and… WE wonder what is wrong with the world…and our young not having respect previous generations had? When, what is apparent to me that is wrong… began when we started playing God by changing the original playing field. 

Cecil says “It’s all okay. Be wiser. All is good. Even when it is hard, it is still good. The world must use this for good”.

It was an honor to channel Cecil’s soulful wisdom and healing energy.

This I know: He is in peace knowing his life mattered as it is part of the big wake up and shake up of how we all navigate in the world… just as he planned.

Have compassion for one another out there….and be sure to start with you. XO


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