4 Messages Your Companion Animal Has for You and One Thing to Never Do

As an intuitive and animal soul communicator, I feel what humans and animals really feel and are currently experiencing all within mutual parameters of ethical practices.

Animal soul communication is similar (to me) to intuitive sessions with people. Both require an agreement to exchange energy, and a higher vibration to gain entrance to the energetic space that offers the information to flow back and forth in ease. “Tele” means – over the waves of frequency and “Pathy” means feeling – as in empathy or sympathy.

Humans and animals are souls who inhabit unique physical bodies with very different purposes. Both are natural conduits of sending and receiving energy, although animals do it more naturally. We do it naturally, too, but we may not realize it because the world teaches us to drop our intuitive nature and rely on our other five senses. But we all have an inner compass that speaks to us when it matters. We might get a ‘bad vibe’ from someone we just met. Or we might choose to cross a street rather than pass an approaching stranger on the same side of the road. Both of these examples are nonverbal energy exchanges.

We ALL have the capacity to strengthen our ‘telepathic’ reach with our animals which will help us form deeper bonds with them.

I have such a deep appreciation for connecting with animals, both wild and domestic. I have connected with a few well-known glorious beasts who catapulted to fame simply because of man’s treatment of them. I blogged the wisdom they conveyed that blew me away that deserved a far wider audience like Cecil the Lion.

I love assisting those who want to know how to be more engaged ‘pet parents’; who already know they are loving, responsible guardians but feel a peek inside their furbaby’s mind and heart will help better serve them and offer each an even deeper bond.

Domestic animals are beautiful, pure souls who love unconditionally and they have a few things (messages!) in common.

To help bridge the connection between humans and their companion animals, here’s a list of Four Things they want their humans to know and the One Thing they never want us to do!

1). “I love you”

Animals are the most intuitive sentient beings among us. They trust their instincts for survival more than any other being on the planet. Therefore, they are skilled at conveying and showing us how we can trust our instincts, too. They innately know and accept their role and place on the planet; as teachers of wisdom, love, self-love, self-care, loyalty, patience, and forgiveness. Animals do not have the capacity to hold a grudge.

Animals can hold a memory, and an abused animal can adopt trauma responses, but they do not hold a grudge because it is punitive in nature, therefore, impossible for an animal soul to embody. If you messed up with them and apologized, know they forgive you.

Animals remain connected to their divinity. Each animal walking this planet is a therapy animal in one way or another. They are an evolved species already, meaning their purpose here on earth is not to evolve, but to teach, heal, support and love the humans who are here to evolve (us!). They are a divinely designed support system to assist man in the evolution of his soul. When humans evolve, the planet’s vibration naturally raises, and we make more heart-centered choices when it comes to all animals, not just the ‘desirable’ animals. It is in part why your animal companion is incapable of being mean-spirited, as well as the animals I’ve connected with that are enslaved for food or entertainment. Even they are not ‘angry’. They’re taking it until – and so – we can change. They accept their place in the big picture.

Animals patiently serve knowing whatever it is we’re doing or being, it’s for our learning curve, not theirs.

So, even when we may not be conscious of what we do not know, are too tired to play or take them for their walk, or leave them alone too long, they have already forgiven us when we apologize. Even cats. All animals respond to displeasure, but even cats return to our laps before we know it.

2). “I feel you”.

We have a specific soul contract with each animal that comes into our lives no matter how long or how brief. Each time period is to help us in a way that serves exactly where we are on our soul’s journey. Some are our first babies, another helps us raise the kids, another is a totally different kind of support as we find ourselves alone, or aging. Animals innately know what we’re really feeling and respond because they trust what they feel! (This is where the ‘pathy’ part of telepathy comes in). Even domesticated animals are survival-based and naturally rely on their intuitive instincts as their first nature, so their day to day M.O. relies on being in tune with their human’s inner climate regardless of what is being presented. We can smile and pet them on the head, but if we’re grieving, they know. If we have poor self-esteem, they know.

Animals are always seeking ways to love us and teach us how to love ourselves, others, and the world.

Several dogs have shared with me how they prefer to show their support to their human when they’re feeling down: They will remain beside them with their back end abutted up against their human, not always presenting their face in their lap. They have shared how their humans may prefer privacy when crying or feeling low but appreciate their best friend’s warm body as a witness to their grief. Many have also translated that when they put their face in your lap, the eye-to-eye contact is to see you, love you, and validate you.

3). “Set boundaries and enforce them”.

As much as domestic animals know their place in their human’s lives, they still don’t know all the worldly dangers that can separate them from you. Animals depend on us in setting and enforcing boundaries that keep them safe and allow them to do their job. Domestic animals depend on us for almost everything from their food quality, to learning the house rules, to safe play inside and outside, to veterinary care. They thrive in routine and in obeying fair rules. They really don’t mind fences, harnesses that aren’t too tight (don’t prefer neck leashes, I’ve heard), and most don’t mind being on a runner if it means they get to release energy and stretch their legs. Cats prefer screened porches or a seat in a window being entertained by birds, bees, and butterflies than being outdoor cats regardless of their innate curiosity to go outside. Domesticated cats are just that, domesticated. There are plenty of ways to safely satisfy their curious nature from inside the home.

4). “I’m aging, too”.

Animals don’t always appear to change as quickly as us, but on the inside, they are aging at several times our rate. What they want you to remember is that their needs, thought processes, and energy levels change faster than we realize. Maybe they don’t walk as fast anymore on the daily route as they have joint aches and pains they can’t articulate but still love getting out and being with you. It is natural for aging pets to be occasionally cranky or short-tempered as it is for us.

Adapt the surroundings to them. Don’t surrender them when they no longer fill a role or you’ll miss the grace of loving an earth angel.

They don’t necessarily want us to ‘fix’ anything as much as adapt the lifestyle you created together to their activity and emotional levels. They’re the same loving soul who has always loved you and the family unconditionally, but their needs change sooner than ours.

And ONE thing animals never want us to do:

“Don’t trick me”.

Animals never leave the playing field of mutual love and respect. They love to play hide and seek with toys, but they do not like to be ‘tricked’ when it comes to trust. When their human sneaks out of the house or when dropping them off with a caregiver, it only creates ‘nervous Nellie’s’ because it teaches them we are not trustworthy. And when the time comes to address their ultimate transition, they’re going to need your trust in all ways. Let them know you know they’re declining. They already know, but they want to know that you know and are going to be okay with releasing them from their bodies and your life for now. (We all eventually reunite on the other side).

Look them in the eye often, at all stages of your life together, and with your unique loving way, convey to them in words or say them in your head while feeing them: “You are safe. I will never leave your side. I will be there. I love you.” I promise they will receive it.

As the most intuitive, heart-centered species on the planet, animals are here to do their work in the world by serving the human race. And a companion animal’s ultimate desire is to thrive and serve in a mutually respectful, loving relationship rooted in trust.

We may be their leaders, their governors, but they are the teachers.

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