365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul – The Book!

I am so excited that 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul is now available on Amazon!

Are you ready to slow down, exhale, and {re}connect with your soul?

Yes? Then, this book may be for you.

I shared two original pieces in two very different areas to help anyone…everyone… navigate life…intuitively.

So, what is the soul, anyway?

Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, the creators and publishers of this #1 Amazon Best Selling Book describe the Soul in this way….

“Our soul is our connection between the spirit world and the physical world. It’s our best self, all knowing, peace-loving completely present self. It’s our inner voice, infinite wisdom…our Godliness. It’s eternal. It’s our truest essence. It’s who we’ve always been and who we’ve yet to become. It’s our blueprint and our possibility. It’s that inner whisper that asks you to dream bigger and trust yourself more, and live On Purpose!

It’s You. All of you. All of everything. All wrapped up into one.

It’s light. Pure light. It’s love. Pure love”.

This is an excerpt from one of my pieces…

So many incredible, best-selling authors, coaches, and intuitives joined together to offer their very best to create this beautiful, soulful book!

Check out our #1 Internationally Best Selling book on Amazon!

This is a truly heart centered collaboration that will be kept on your bedside altar…and/or passed down….for generations

No one is exempt from spiritual wisdom.

No one!

So, I invite you to check out one of our truly talented contributing authors, Nicole Levac!

Enjoy!! xo

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