You can now receive soul messages from your beloved animal companion on the other side!

A must for anyone who has loved and released an animal companion.

Soul Messages from your Animal Companion on the Other Side. A 47-Card Deck and Guidebook is the  FIRST Animal Card Deck that connects you to your animal companion who has transitioned to the other side.


Be the first to know when this uplifting, healing deck becomes available, and for a limited time, I'm offering my personal Guided Meditation to Connect You to Your Animal Companion on the Other Side as my gift to you!

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Hello, I'm Susan Mullen

Thank you for visiting! I'm an animal communicator and advocate, telepathic intuitive, plant-based mentor, certified intuitive coach, and the creator of Soul Messages from your Animal Companion. A 47-Card Deck and Guidebook.

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Susan Mullen
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I am honored to be a conduit and compassionate translator to convey wishes, sentiments, and love as your beloved animal companion prepares to journey to the other side.

Feel Calm

Feel peace that your animal companion's desires are being met with their input.

Feel Confident

Know that the decisions you're making together are aligned with the soul contract you share.

Feel Connected

Experience the soul-level connection you have with your animal companion.

"Susan is my go-to soul advisor."

Katherine Larsen

Singer & Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

Katherine J Larsen

Six years of grief is gone!

I used to tear up every time I saw a dog who looked like my little guy, Bug. He got sick very fast and passed away too young. In my first session with Susan, the clarity and meaning she was able to give me around the how and why and the personal messages from Bug himself were astonishing. Her clear connection to the other side and to souls and angels and guides was UNDENIABLE. She said things there was no way she could have known.

In one session, her messages and compassionate delivery about my soul contract with Bug turned my grief into joy, and my guilt and sadness dissipated. She was so connected to him and also to all my guides who came through to her during my session to help her help me.

I went to her for grief, but it turned out I needed valuable insights in areas I wasn’t expecting that positively transformed my life.

I highly recommend Susan to anyone who want to connect to their animals on the other side as well as those who are seeking insight and direction. Susan is my go-to soul advisor.

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Signature Sessions for People & Animals

Intuitive sessions for you, your animal companion & the plant-based curious

Susan Mullen Services 3

“Walk Me Home” Animal Companion Transition Session

Walk Me Home is an animal soul transition and hospice service for when your beloved animal companion is preparing to transition to the other side. You’re grieving, wondering if it’s really time, if they’re really ready, and how do they want to go. On their own or with ‘help’? I compassionately connect with your animal companion to serve as the intuitive conduit and conveyor of words, wishes, needs, and final-for-now expressions of love.

Peaceful Plate Sessions with Susan Mullen

The Peaceful Plate Session

You're curious and feel the pull towards seeing if a plant-forward, plant-based, or vegan lifestyle is for you but have no idea where or how to start. Whether it’s for health or ethical reasons, or a mix of both, it feels overwhelming, and, frankly, you're afraid if you dig too much, you'll discover heartbreaking truths about animal agriculture. This is where I compassionately come in. I meet you right where you are and share the ease, joy, and grace of compassion-based, plant-based living.

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