Discover Your ‘Why?’

Discover Your ‘Why?’

How many times have you asked yourself ‘How do I find the motivation to’…lose weight…stop smoking…eat better….quit the job  …end the relationship…clean out the closet….take the leap towards the dream…to forgive yourself or someone else…?

We haven’t found it because we’ve been asking the wrong question.

The true, lasting, pants-on-fire motivation to do anything lies in ‘Why?’ 


By re-framing it to “Why do I want to change”? Your answers suddenly materialize.

You are innately motivated because….

  • You will have a better quality and possibly longer life in a healthy and comfortable body.
  • You want to sustain your body so it will work with you in health, not against you in illness. When you respect your body as your partner, the one who is working 24/7 to keep you alive, no matter how it is loved or abused by you, you suddenly know why…
  • You want to leave the stressful job or relationship because you know it is not an equal exchange of your passion, time and energy. The discontent you feel is your wise soul speaking up whispering ‘You’ve stayed too long,  it’s time to go.’ It doesn’t mean it was wrong. It just means honor when it’s time to move on. Staying is giving our power over to fear.
  • Because the only influence to ever ignite passion to change  resides inside us, not outside of us. And, you know outward motivation doesn’t last.

The three essences of fabulous You…either get along or fight for the starring role!

The Human You (ego essence), the Physical You (your body) and the Spirit You (Soul essence) are always vying for attention and to lead. By looking at the quality of your choices and thoughts you will see which one is the leader of your life. If you don’t like it, demote one and promote your spirit, your soul essence.

All three parts are designed to align to allow you to experience the life you signed up for. When they are operating in disharmony we feel a disconnect. We feel lost, stuck or confused. We also may feel the pull towards wellness, wholeness and authenticity. We just need to go back to our ‘Why?’ to realign and move forward. 

 Life is like a spiral. We move forward and backward as we make progress. It’s all good.

Sometimes we take our eyes off our own dreams and hitch our wagon to someone else’s as we move forward. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It means it is right for now. As long as you are aware and that your ‘why’ is being honored, it is o.k.

Revealing your ‘Why’s’ are the only lasting motivation and real fuel that will incite you to move on, forward or change.

Look at what your imagination is showing you…Listen to what your intuition is whispering … Feel where your heart center is being pulled towards. When you align, you will naturally sustain it.

And, remember,

Your Why is different from My Why is different from Her Why is different from His Why…

Your ‘why’ is the only thing that has ever motivated you and that ever will.





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