What We Nourish Will Flourish : Intuitive Living

What We Nourish Will Flourish : Intuitive Living

What shows up when you hear the word flourish?  I think of a beautiful flower in bloom or a lush vegetable garden. But, we know, anything can flourish, including things that are not so good.

What shows up when you hear the word ‘nourish’? I see a plate of my favorite root vegetables baked to perfection. Funny, isn’t it, what a word can conjure up in each of us?

We are designed to nourish what serves our journey, and lead, help or assist others to the same.

Nourishment is innate love; the fuel and oxygen that sustains a life force. At least, to me.

We all have plenty of relationships… with ideas, concepts, perceptions, institutions, people and animals, just to name a few…but the most important human relationship we can have is with ourselves. (not to compare or dismiss God, Source, Buddha…or (insert your word).

But, if we want to be the leader of our lives as active participants, the first human relationship to master is with ourselves. 

Part of leading others to live more intuitively is first looking at the whole picture of one’s experiences –  physically, energetically and in their perspectives. I will notice what parts are flourishing, keeping in mind that anything, even things like candida flourish….

So,  what is flourishing  in your life?  Wellness? Illness? Contentment? Bitterness? Harmony? Less than harmonious relationships?

Would you want a butterfly to only remember what life was like as a caterpillar?

I didn’t think so.  And, I do not want that for you.

So, spend some time thinking about the areas in your life that you sustain each day – that you literally engage in – in energy or thought.

You will see 



Are you in a relationship with wellness or in a disordered relationship with food, your body or image? Are you in a relationship with the past, experiencing the present or are you always courting the future?

Has ‘now’ ever been good enough for you? Remember , ‘Now’ was once your future, too.

Would you choose you as a trusted friend knowing how you treat or speak of others… in the presence of others…?

You get it…

The flourishing  areas in our lives are those we give oxygen.

If you’d like things to be different right now, then allow things to be different. Allow means extinguish the oxygen line that sustains the past, the trite, the victim or the too- far- in- the- future self.

To arrive at an amazing future, we have to experience an amazing Now. 

Step back from areas you’d rather lay to rest. See what survives on it’s own without your participation.

Nourish respect ~ of your energy, boundaries, time, body, work, play and health and teach those in your custodial care to do the same- not to be confused with your extended family or inner circle. We must allow other adults the privilege to care for themselves in the same way, so we can meet our relationships whole to fully experience them. Even Lucy’s only 5 cent patient was Charlie Brown! Friends refer friends to wellness practitioners, so friends can truly be friends.

The experience of being fabulous ‘you’  is completely up to you!

Because, let’s be honest

We’re either the doormat or the polished shoe stepping across it, right?

No one gets walked on unless she is lying down. Command more for yourself and I promise,  you will get it.

Try this quick, but highly effective meditation ~

Imagine your life as a tree. Imagine….where is this tree and what does it look like? 

This is you as a tree. You are standing straight, tall and with a commanding life force. You have a strong trunk with a base of roots that reach far below the earth’s surface. You easily sustain high winds and storms. You weather seasons beautifully year after year. You do so because of your strong connection to the earth’s water supply and natural nutrients.  You produce fruitful limbs because of the clean energy you consume to nourish your body.

And, so you are.

If you can sit in imagination with this, ask this tree her/his name. Accept whatever name or word shows up. (Look this name or word up for more insight.)

Congratulations, you just met your ally!

Your higher self who is there to truly stand up for you now has a name and physical representation.

Conjure the image of this beautiful tree and call her/him by name whenever you need strength or to be reminded of what you’re made of.  Sit in meditation beside this tree once a day, at her base for just five minutes and you will feel more connected in your mind, body and spirit.

I’m curious, will you nourish differently now?

Please respond here,  I’d love to know!



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