What Is My Purpose?

How do you even begin to recognize your purpose, you wonder?

I studied for a year and a half in both a volunteer position and as a student under the direction of Colette Baron-Reid at her Master Intuitive Coaching Institute while earning my intuitive coach certification.

To me our purpose is in fact, our light. It is never really lost so it doesn’t have to be found. We veer off the path or allow resistance in, and sometimes we just need a new perspective. I walk and weave through my path as I change and grow, but I know this path now and I choose to stay on it.  It is not my entire skill set, because I am not one dimensional and I know my light is not a skill set at all. It’s discovering the right avenue. And when you do, life becomes the adventure of a lifetime!

Perspective is power and recognizing & listening is the key. 

Maybe your purpose is not your skill set either or the reason you went to college or even how you earn your living. It’s great if it is, but that part doesn’t always reveal our light. When we remain in the box of ‘I have to make my living by (…………) or I’m a failure!’ There’s no wiggle room to even explore. It may be a volunteer position or you may be the next Steve Jobs. One thing I know? It probably has something to do with sharing & caring for a greater good for people, animals or the earth, or to inspire others in your own reach – your own community…yeah, you get it. It remains buried when we ignore the whispers & detour towards comfort, safety to protect the status quo.

Recognizing our purpose (our light) lies in the ‘how it feels’ when we are truly participating in it, and in how our contribution & participation creates value for something greater.

You have your own light and path. Revealing it starts with being the Leader of your Own life. Ta-Da! Taking you by your shoulders and gently turning you towards a beautiful, un-chartered path— There! A new path showed up just for you! We must be willing to step away from the crowd, drop dogma, conditioning or any inherited beliefs that keeps us from walking it.

Some choose safety to stretching. In this work, I see many who do have this search and agree that it feels like being homesick. It’s like staying too long in someone else’s house or passed down life.

So, You DO have an idea why you are here, don’t you?

Revealing it lies in our courage department. It takes courage to show up and be who we were born to be. Utilizing it lies in our trust department. When we try too hard to protect our vision, we are implementing control by hanging on too tightly to an outcome. That is a protection mechanism that prevents movement. If we ever feel stuck on this path, we must be willing to let go of, or even add to, something else in order to rise.

Remember that path I just introduced to you? It’s for you. You don’t see the entire road, do you? It’s because the joy is found when we en(joy) the path and not strain to see the destination or any material comfort it may provide; just focus on the next right step.

So, go. Smell the flowers, discover the forest…walk towards the sun.  Take your time; take someone else’s hand. You will meet up with many who are walking similar paths alongside you. That’s how you’ll know.

Your path is unlike anyone else’s. Blaze it.



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