The power of YES

The power of YES


Saying ‘Yes’ can sometimes get a bad rap in traditional coaching, but it’s one of the best vehicles for movement because it allows an energy exchange without blocking. I like to look for things to say Yes to rather than No because saying no is easy enough to become habit forming, and we lose the open door of opportunity when it’s easy.

I’m not talking about saying Yes to a bunch of cookies or adding volunteer hours to an already full plate. This is about intuitively discerning who or what to say Yes to while tidying up boundaries & strengthening our instinctive sensors. Our intuitive body can either be completely closed off, blocked, or strengthened & fine tuned with use.

The universe delivers who and what we’re made of, not just what we ask for. We experience & receive according to what we truly believe we already Are & Deserve. When we accept less from others, ourselves and the world, we can expect less. When we play small, remain dim, or stand in judgment, we’re saying ‘..Oh universe…over here…Less, Please’ from our lower vibration.

Want to attract more of what’s Really trying to show up for you? Then, Expect more, Be more and Seek more. Rumi so brilliantly says ‘What you are seeking is seeking you’. Say ‘Yes’ to the scary stuff. The experiences outside of our comfort zones make us stretch, and stretching is movement. If you tend to be scared or too proud too often, check in with your ego or inner critic. The scary stuff is often showing up as the vehicle for what’s really for you. 

I have ‘Yes’ days…Shhh..I don’t tell anyone of course, but there are days where I won’t block energy. If it isn’t illegal, why not? I know, my fun is odd! But it’s amazing to receive what shows up for me. I’m often happily surprised.

When abundance, the right people and circumstances start showing up, don’t write it off, write it down. Keeping an intuitive journal is a fun way to keep track of all the right decisions!

Seek, trust, receive.



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