The Gift of Intuition by Katja Rusanen

The Gift of Intuition by Katja Rusanen

We were born with an infinite ability to love. We were also given gifts of imagination and intuition. Once, we believed that everything was possible and we could see miracles everywhere. As toddlers we were radiating batteries of love and joy. We had no fear to try new things, we were learning something new every day. We were full of energy and excitement, in our little world, there were no limits and each day was an adventure. But then we started to hear the word ‘no’. It might have been said in order to protect us from hurt, but it started to create limits to our world. Then, we went to school where we were taught to think rationally. Many of us got disconnected from our infinite wisdom and imagination when our rational mind took over as our current school system is not teaching how to use and develop our intuition.

But, it’s possible to tune back into the knowing and receive the gift of ‘in-tuition”. It’s like signing up for tuition for your life, a guidance from an expert that knows what is for your highest good. Who is giving you the tuition? I believe that our intuition connects us with our higher-self, you can call it also as our soul, which has an access to our Divine plan and therefore is able to give us information what is for our highest good.

Would you like to sign-up for this tuition? All you need to say is YES and be willing to connect with your inner wisdom. In the beginning, it might feel that the sound of your intuition is muted, but what you focus on grows, so by taking the time to connect with your intuition you can turn up the volume.

How can you connect with your intuition?

One thing that helps is to learn to enjoy silence. It’s a sacred moment when you allow yourself to put your electronic devices and your hectic schedules aside. Let your thoughts pass by like clouds until the sky is clear, focus on the breath and allow your body and mind relax. By doing this simple exercise that can be done in 5 minutes, you are clearing your mental chatter and creating space for intuitive messages.

Our intuition is a priceless gift that was given to all of us and receiving guidance through it is your birthright. I have written a booklet “Instant Intuition” which gives you practical tips how you can connect and develop your intuition. It is my gift to you! Please download your complimentary copy here and ignite your intuition:





BIO: Katja Rusanen is a Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Plan Reader, and bestselling Author. Her transformational and practical spiritual life coaching helps people develop their intuition and use the superpower within to navigate their lives with ease and make fulfilling decisions. Please visit her at


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