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* Proceed  with  Excitement ~ You  may  never  be  the  same  again *


The Pilot Light * Intuitive Session$150.00

 This is where the magic happens! Sometimes we need to reignite our inner pilot light…During an Intuitive Session, I tune into your energy field through clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience + clairvoyance via images. As we chat, I share with you what is yours to hear at this time as I clearly see and translate to you your beauty, light and next best step. I have learned that we all have beautiful gifts + talents we came with to share with the world…but, sometimes our choices, experiences and the world can dim our light. Although I glimpse soul energy from the other side from time to time; I am not a medium. Because of my own personal soul contract with animals in this lifetime, animal souls come through more naturally than human souls, and one from your life, past or present, may occasionally make an appearance.

My intuitive gifts lie in receiving + translating what your guides are showing mine. Some clients have described a session with me like a conversation with a long lost friend who gets you…My time with you includes a half an hour before our session sitting quietly with your soul essence and your inquiry…tapping into your field…{it really helps when you’re quiet and getting centered too!}.  I may use an oracle card deck that I am very familiar with to augment your session. But the most important thing for you to know is….I just receive....and deliver information with love, joy, discernment, and humor. I may share my own experiences if it has been brought to my attention to do so – because it may serve your journey. I simply follow the breadcrumbs… It’s all from intuitive guidance from your highest team to mine that supports your highest good to point you in the direction of  your next right step.

Intuitive Sessions are ideal for those seeking guidance + clarity in one area. To find answers to some ‘why’s’ and ‘what to do next’. Most sessions are one hour long. You will receive a follow-up email that ties it all together with any additional information or insights.

Clients have one ‘pick up’ session within 3 business days of the original intuitive session. Pick up sessions are about 25 minutes long and will address, refocus + refresh whatever appears to be pulling you off path.

 Before our session, to honor youyour investment and your best possible outcome, allow at least 10 minutes to get centered. Sit quietly with no media and gently quiet your mind and open your heart space.

Lisa says…“Susan won’t tell you about her techniques or her training or her talents, she will show you. She is a gifted and compassionate Intuitive. Her gift of sight is crystal clear. She finds the most essential thread of what needs to be conveyed, and will put it in a context that makes a big impact. She is most powerful as an “interventionist”…those moments when push comes to shove or there is a crisis, or a time of deep emotional pain for somebody calls up her fierce brand of clarity and guidance that allow the client to experience a major shift from just one session. Her absolute integrity and ability to see the calling of your soul’s evolution serves powerfully.  Her big heart and kind delivery inspire deep trust, all of which allow you to receive her impeccable guidance. I recommend her absolutely”. Lisa Claudia Briggs,

* Intuitive Session for Two!  $150.00

This session is for any two who would like to gain insight, clarity, and understanding about themselves and the other while gaining deeper respect and new perspectives in moving forward. This session is focused on an area that needs the most attention. Susan will tune into the energy of each of you and the relationship to help reveal and heal any of the disconnected parts and put you back on track with a new found respect and integrity.

This is suited for you and your partner, spouse, parent, child, coworker, or friend. It is the same price as a single intuitive session and it is one hour long.

 *NEW* – Intuitive Profiling 

$65.00 per single case – $48.00 per five or more.

Intuitive sessions already provide basic intuitive profiles of those in my client’s lives, but recently a manager of a company who hires independent consultants in the southwest has partnered with me to provide intuitive profiles for her staff and possible new hires. Intuitive profiling allows one to receive the bigger picture of another’s inner climate. It is suited to both business and personal situations.

I provide you with a report that includes an understanding of one’s motivation, trigger points, integrity, how they relate to others, any hidden agenda, possible road blocks ahead, and what you can do to create ease and harmony.

This service is like having another’s basic blueprint in your hand. It allows you a peek inside to understand how they operate regardless of what is being presented to you, to attain an intuitive edge into those you work with, who work for you, who you may hire, and those in your personal life.

The information will help you generally understand and choose the next best decision or action in either hiring, co-working, or in personal relationships.

It is a high integrity, confidential service that helps one navigate both the business and personal worlds. Please contact me for more information.

The ReMap – $425.00

  Three Intuitive Sessions over two consecutive weeks * email support 

Get ready for some shifting. We go a little deeper and spend a little more time looking at different areas and creating new perspectives that support mind, body and spirit harmony.


Susan is a naturally gifted intuitive & a certified intuitive coach(c) through Master Intuitive Coach Institute under the direction of Colette Baron-Reid. Her clients are those who may physically and energetically carry the weight of their worlds and therefore, meet up with resistance, blocks or are just confused as to their next right step. With a ‘big picture’ approach, Susan will take a look to see how the physical and energetic aspects connect, and offer guidance and perspectives that support alignment within mind, body and spirit. Susan truly wants you to create a life of choice, not chance.


  • General Animal Communication Check-In Session  – $48.00 – A great way to check in to ‘see’ how your pet is doing, what he/she has to say to you and relay/receive any information, and ask them questions. Session is approximately one half hour long and is delivered by E-Mail.
  • Missing Pet Communication Session – $65.00 – Upon hire and receiving the required information, Susan will begin connecting with your missing pet and relay real-time information to you via e-mail. Includes communications over one day and one final phone call.

Note: Susan is not a medical intuitive. Although she may feel and sense things occasionally through your pet’s body and energetic realms, she is not the appropriate intuitive to hire to see ‘what’s wrong’ with a pet.

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General Animal Communication Session by Susan – $48.00

Missing Pet Communication Session by Susan – $65.00 – per day

Animal Communication result:

Time stamped Facebook Messages between Susan and client whose daughter’s dog went missing in California.

July 17th 3:13PM

From Susan: Hi, I connected w/Lucy!

I told her who I was to you…and then to her mom (your daughter)…and said I’d like her to help show me in pictures and words what happened and where she is…she is okay and safe…not lost and wandering.

I asked her what happened in the back yard and she said ‘I didn’t know where I was’. Then I saw she chased a squirrel or something and got out on her own somehow…feeling more anxious and not knowing where she was more so than scared of fireworks.

She is alive and with good people who don’t know what to do with her. I feel like saying…ask your daughter to go to the real estate agents in that area who rent properties in that area, especially those who did over the 4th of july weekend…ask them to send a photo of Lucy and contact info to all renters…I feel she was scooped up wandering alone by people from or not from that area…and she may be back home with them.

I’m just not sensing she’s out alone, wandering, scared and hungry…seeing that she is inside, fed and okay, but is as sad and scared at not being with your daughter and she is not being with Lucy. I told her she is loved and her family will never stop looking for her. And that whatever happens it is okay to rest and just be and know that one day everyone meets up again no matter what….that this is just a stepping stone in her life.

I see her inside around other people…at a different location, transferred from where she was found, by good people who are also trying to do right by her…

I really want to push social media and real estate agents though...I feel she is a few social media steps away from being recovered. But also that it will take that…I also told her to get outside whenever she can and bark…kind of make herself be known and seen…just don’t know if she’s still near the area or lake or with people who visited back where they live. I feel she’s found but could be recovered too with the use of big time social media…Please let me know when she is found! And if there is a page for her or when there is, please let me know. I’ll share it and in all my groups. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers!!!! xoxo

Time Stamped Facebook Message Response from Client –  July 21 10:00PM

Hi Susan, Sorry I took so long. So here is Lucy’s story. My daughters friend lives in the town where Lucy got out of his back yard. A neighbor a few blocks away saw Lucy out roaming. On Tuesday when she went out to play with her dog, Lucy was lying under her truck. Eva took her in to try and help her . She did not want to take Lucy to a shelter as Riverside County still will put down animals if not claimed. She brought her to her mom’s house.

Eva’s mom finally saw Katie’s post on her fb page to say she was found! Best day in a long time when she messaged me Sunday, saying “she’s coming home and her picture” I bawled like a baby. So happy for her and the boys and Lucy. We were happy to know that Lucy didn’t spend any more time out and alone by herself and had such wonderful people caring for her.

You were on the right track of her being found with good people and then transferred elsewhere, you felt that, and you were right. My daughter was going to set up a page this week just as you had suggested. The one social media step away happened through her facebook page!

My daughter is sooo appreciative of all the out pouring of love and help from every one away and she asked me to thank you for connecting with Lucy and reassuring her that she would never stop looking for her!!

Much love Susan, Thanks again!!! xoxo

Belinda Court, Colorado

The Embody Beautiful Workshop & Lecture

Embody Beautiful  is to allow the Mind, Body & Spirit to co-exist in love, compassion and non-judgment of self, others and the world – Susan Mullen. As an intuitive living consultant, Susan will share how, by promoting your Spirit – your soul essence – to be in charge, you will experience the beautiful life you were designed to live!

Walk With Me  Baxter Blvd./Back Bay Portland, ME. $65.00 – One time around.  Need Susan to meet you for accountability + motivating chat? Let’s walk and talk it out at back’s fun! For existing or past clients.

Talk With Me –  30 minutes – $50.00 : 60 minutes – $125.00. Extra intuitive guidance + motivation for existing or past clients.

Coaching Sessions are via Skype  to best serve the conversation. Part of the successful client/coach matrix is consistency with little outward influences. A good fit with your schedule with no commuting allows you to participate in the comfort of your own environment.