I took Susan’s ReMap package of three intuitive sessions over two weeks. Susan tuned into me and others in my personal life with accuracy! It was fascinating like she was watching a movie but she held the playbook.  She helped me understand myself, my past, and others true motives as well as their purpose in my life all with clarity and grace. Three sessions in a short time is perfect for anyone who wants to understand their bigger picture!  Valerie N., CT

Susan, You are a TRUE connection to the animal kingdom. You helped me so much with your connections with my dogs, Sly and Whitey. I’m a psychic and connected to them, but I didn’t trust all I was getting. Your connections with Sly and Whitey confirmed what I got. You’re truly gifted. I’d recommend you to anyone. God bless you, Susan. Thank you. Nancy Ierardo, MA

Susan won’t tell you about her techniques or her training or her talents, she will show you. She is a gifted and compassionate Intuitive. Her gift of sight is crystal clear. She finds the most essential thread of what needs to be conveyed, and will put it in a context that makes a big impact. Her sessions have helped me make bigger changes. I feel she is most powerful as an “interventionist”…those moments when push comes to shove or there is a crisis, or a time of deep emotional pain for somebody calls up her fierce brand of clarity and guidance that allow the client to experience a major shift from just one session. Her absolute integrity and ability to see the calling of your soul’s evolution serves powerfully.  Her big heart and kind delivery inspire deep trust, all of which allow you to receive her impeccable guidance. I recommend her absolutely. Lisa Claudia Briggs, Intuitive Mentor, Founder of

Having a session with Susan was like talking with an old friend. I felt so comfortable and the reading just flowed. She confirmed things that were taking place in my life and made me feel confident with my future. If you’re on the fence with having a session, just do it. You will not be disappointed. Kimberly Wiruth, NE

How does one thank an earth angel? We now realize it is no coincidence we met you on the beach in Miami, because there are no coincidences, just opportunities. Our time with you cleared a generation of baggage. Next up, we are bringing you to NY for a day of sessions with our friends! Hugs and deep gratitude, Brad and Neil, NY, NY

Susan, THANK YOU for accurately bringing to light what was happening behind the scenes. THANK YOU for your gifts of clear sight on the situation, hope, and laughter that you lovingly gave me. The entire session felt like a hug from the universe meant just for me. I’m lighter, more connected and forever changed. Stacie Valley, NY

Amazing Susan, The hour spent with you blew me away. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I have no idea how you got to the heart of my issue so fast and accurately. When you described my relationship with my husband, it freaked me out. For once, I feel empowered and not victimized. Thank you for showing me my light. I had forgotten. I have no idea how we did that in one hour. I’m telling my book club about you!   Much love, Alicia, Ontario

I had the wonderful opportunity of having Susan Mullen in my intensive Animal Communication Class. She connected and communicated with several animals from cats, dogs, birds, to wildlife. Each was remarkable. Many were my own living and deceased pets so I could personally validate the information. Her readings were very powerful, yet gentle and full of integrity and honor for the animals. Susan is a VERY gifted and natural intuitive, with both people and animals, and I highly recommend her.  She works with integrity, introducing herself gently to the animals, while they feel her gratitude and trust her completely.  Karen Clothier, Animal Communicator 

It was such a pleasure meeting you in Freeport, ME. You are truly a kind soul and a bright light whom has found your path. I enjoyed the event with you and Michael Chase and left feeling reconnected and reawakened, and ready to take the steps towards my own true path .You have a gift, thank you for sharing it. I hope to continue learning and allow my intuition to become a clearer channel to guide my own next steps in life but more importantly to discover how I am to help others. After all, that is really why we are all here. Namaste, Dulcie

“A thousand thank-you’s! You are clearly connected and talented! I didn’t quite know what to expect with intuitive coaching but you surpassed any expectation I had. You hit the nail on the head with every issue, blockage & concern I had.  Thank you so much for your time, energy and intention and for being a gift to me, literally and figuratively. Sending you Gratitude (and fairies)”! Paula Hillick, Ontario, Author at Think Care Share

“I was going through some major life changes and needed someone to help me figure out why the same issues keep coming up all the time in my life. Susan’s non-judgmental and neutral stance was very refreshing. Her strategy is crazy effective. She led me to every conclusion without telling me how to do anything. The way I view my world and my life is drastically readjusted and far less complicated! Thank you, Susan, for showing me how to let go of anything that no longer deserves or earns space in my life. And, yes, I know that can mean people, too!” Katherine C.