I’m so happy to share several of my never-before-told, life changing, spiritual + miraculous moments that were instrumental in redirecting me to my life’s purpose, published in this #1 Amazon Best Selling Series from Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck.

Each page contains one incredible, true, truthbump story for every day of the year from many Best Selling authors, including Jodi Chapman, Dan Teck, Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman, and Me! 

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Soul Amazon Best SellerGrace BS

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Susan loves collaboration, workshops and is a sought after radio and video guest, including Hay House Radio.

She is best known for her intuitive insights & positive shifts in perspective that lead others to reclaim harmony within mind, body and spirit!

Susan Mullen

Embody Beautiful Workshop & Lecture  

Embody Beautiful  is to allow the Mind, Body & Spirit to co-exist in love, compassion and non-judgment of self, others and the world. As an intuitive coach and consultant, Susan will share how, by promoting your Spirit {your higher self } to lead, you will experience the beautiful life you were designed to live!

 Please contact her through her contact page with details of your event and say hello!


A teswtimonial from An Afternoon with Michael J. Chase and Susan Mullen ~ Freeport, MaineSusan ~ It was such a pleasure meeting you in Freeport, ME. You are truly a kind soul and a bright light whom has found your path. I enjoyed the event with you and Michael Chase and left feeling reconnected and reawakened. You have a gift, thank you for sharing it. I hope to continue learning and allow my intuition to become a clearer channel to guide my own next steps in life but more importantly to discover how I am to help others. Namaste,  Dulcie

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