About Susan


Susan Mullen-3One of the most natural things to Susan is seeing the light and potential in others, even when they cannot see it in themselves. She believes this is the starting point on the map to one’s true north.

Susan is clairsentient, which means clear feeling. She is also clairvoyant {clear seeing via images or words in her minds eye}, and clairaudient {voices in her ear} and claircognizant {clear knowing without evidence}. Most likely inherited from her father, whose abilities includes seeing much of ‘the other side’, her open field and connections enhance her intuitive sessions.

She brings this, as well as her past experiences to every client session since Archangel Michael made a special visit to tell her “You are here to experience so that you can help others with their experiences”. {Story first published in the bestselling book, 365 Moments of Grace}.

The true essence of others energetically hit her like a brick wall. She can suddenly sense the truth of a situation or motive whether or not it matches what is being presented. Naturally, her teen years were eventful and often emotionally charged. Misunderstood and misunderstanding much growing up, she has come to embrace and honor her own light.

She realizes now that it is because of her life’s experiences and natural connection to many forms of energies, that she is able to guide with compassion, non-judgment and often a touch of humor. She believes that we are all divinely designed to encourage one another along our own, unique paths while in earth school.

She senses &  integrates the soul-print of others to lead them to new perspectives by extracting the light and meaning from the debris of challenging experiences that serve their soul’s evolving journey.

Her approach to life is based on the cup being half full. She travels all over to attend or participate in seminars or private mentoring with leaders in her field and those who leave positive footprints; many who have become great friends. She is a practitioner of EFT, an energetic healing tool based on ancient acupressure and modern psychology. She was able to refine this technique at an I Can Do It  Hay House conference demonstration.

Susan enjoys life in southern Maine with her family and a few well cared for cats. She is an animal advocate and believes all sentient beings were designed to live in the integrity in which they were created. She loves to read, write, and walk for miles kicking her feet along a beach at the salt water’s edge.

Professional BIO: Susan Mullen is a gifted intuitive and certified intuitive coach.  She intuitively guides clients to their next best step in empowering intuitive sessions. She is a writer, best-selling author and a passionate animal advocate who works to equalize the rights of all animals. She lives in southern Maine with her family and three well cared for cats. To more learn more, please visit www.SusanTMullen.